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I am often quite disturbed by people who write about Dissociative Identity Disorder without living it.

I am definitely aware that is somehow a fascinating and difficult condition to grasp even when you find yourself in, that’s why most of the time when I read discussions about it I feel…

Sorry to say that, as person with DID, I totally disagree with you on this point. How can you say that alters doesn't exist at once? How can you be so sure that alters doesn't have relations between one another?

For sure you don't have DID, this is clear! No offense intended, simply the will of not allowing others to speak about something that I live with since 50 years.

I truly get that is very difficult to grasp what is like living in more than one inside the same body/mind, so I please you to consider to learn directly from DID people the way it goes. You might appreciate, as professional, having a look to the DID community on Reddit, one of the very few places where we can be truly understood and I hope a place where you can find better understanding of the reality we live.

Most of the time body is a word that doesn’t mean a lot to me.

It has no real reference in my own flash, my body is not me. My body is the machine that allow my brain to run in my own worlds and forget the entry door. …

I am a teacher but I was a student and I’ve never forgot it

Why students prefer to stay elsewhere and avoid to be involved?

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I am a teacher since almost 30 years and my experience has a wide range of schools, each one with its specific background, each one with its history and traditions, each one with its core beliefs about learning models and tools.
In the latest years, since I became a kind…

I could tell a thousand stories about us, I could animate novels, thrillers, stories, researches, science fiction adventures and theater scripts. Psychology, sociology, toxicology, numerology and other articles.

Everything is already prepared as an immense mosaic in which each tile is at the same time incipit, prologue, dialogue, monologue.


At least for now.

I am a little over my 50’s and I’ve moved at least 17 times in my life. When I was younger I was asking friends to help me out with my things, of course they were nice and gave me a huge help the first times…


Just a human being and that’s enough to deal with. Sorry for my English, it’s not my mother language.

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